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This has destroyed my life. I mean rellay, my self esteem, confidence, I have lost my job because of this and many relationships. my bottom left molar had a root canal and the filling fell out and I have a huge hole, and on the other side I have an absessed tooth that has just fractured and is always in tremendous pain! I have not been able to eat on both sides of my mouth in over a year, I cant even get back to work because I have lost so much weught and I can never eat anything but soft shit!


I just spent $54,000 on my teeth for a full mouth smile makeover, and that was the chsepeat uninsured quote I could find in Oregon!There's no economic depression in dentistry, they are raping the uninsured like never before.If you want to get rich in a bad economy, become an oral surgeon specializing in dental implants, you'll be rich within months like my dentist, he's only 29 yrs old and already owns a 2.4 million home, 3 Mercedes Benz and flies to his 2nd home in Bermuda 4 times per year


If you're interested in detnal implants, the best option for you is to come to our clinic Lorenzana detnal center located in El Salvador, is an option for you to get this type of procedure at a lower cost and also you get the opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful things that this amazing country has to offer. For more information you can contact us at 1-800-783-0198 or visit our youtube chanel to find our web site


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Wisdom Teeth Removal Guide

I’ve talked to several vendors with ONC certification who basically said they’re ignoring dentists in their outreach/software development (due to the larger potential market for internal medicine/general practice, the specialization required for dental systems, etc).


Hi Joanna,A member of our team will be in touch shrtloy via the email address provided. If you prefer to speak to someone please fill in the contact form along with your preferred phone number, or call us on 020 8404 1456.


You have many great reviews on ggoole, and you get the highest rating on Angies List, I will call your office to see if you can help with my gum disease, I think I need dental implants.

moonee ponds dentist

It is wonderful to see so many dentists working with kids!


This atircle went ahead and made my day.


I told my grandmother how you hleped. She said, "bake them a cake!"


That's an intelilgnet answer to a difficult question xxx


A piece of edriuiton unlike any other!

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Dental Marketing

this is really nice dentistry. very professional

Dentist Website Management

DHS dentist looks professional and the lab is very clean and hygiene is so tight.

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